A gadget company providing cost-effective, high-quality products with exceptional customer care Constantly providing value for your money


To change the narrative of phones and gadgets sold within Nigeria and Become the No. 1 shop for all Electronic Devices.



To create a platform whereby people rest assured about the quality of gadget they buy whether new or used.

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At Obenginetech, all our customers are our promoters. We want to give you the best service so that you can start a chain reaction in a space that spreads the word about us. We don’t Joke with customer service.

Our Culture

Our Purpose

Even till today, people have not found a reliable place to get Used and New products with no buts. Especially going all the way to the computer village where the gadget source is always a problem.

We figured that this was an ordinary way to live, which is why we decided to do the extraordinary: Create a platform that lets you pick the devices you want beforehand and overs you guarantee over the devices for a while.

Our Purpose